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Forget The 50 States; The U.S. Is Really 11 Nations | World Truth.TV

For hundreds of years, this nation has been known as the United States of America. But according to author and journalist Colin Woodard, the country is neither united, nor made up of 50 states. Woodward has studied American voting patterns, demographics and public opinion polls going back to the days of the first settlers, and says that his research shows America is really made up of 11 different nations. “Yankeedom” in the Northeast and industrial Midwest was founded by Puritans and residents there have always been comfortable with a government that regulates and moderates. The communities of the Deep South in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and other states were founded by former West Indian plantation owners who wanted to recreate the society they were used to: government based on the sacrosanct rights of a few wealthy elite. “Greater Appalachia,” extending from West Virginia in a wide band to the northern half of Texas, was settled by people from Northern Ireland, England and

Source: Forget The 50 States; The U.S. Is Really 11 Nations | World Truth.TV

Deja Vu?

Ever get the feeling that your news source is recycling the same stories over and over?

“This is a moment in which every one of us, every individual, must relieve himself from all the otherness, and wear just the robe of humanity. We need to live the human values.”–Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

Confused senator attempts to publish column in Communist newspaper from distant past –

Confused senator attempts to publish column in Communist newspaper from distant past –

They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

We haven’t had much to offer our readers, truth, lies, or otherwise. The Fuse remains in sort of a beta phase. It was decided between Sapphire and I, based on our own intuition and some feedback from our limited readership, our original tagline, “Our Truth is More Useful, Our Lies are more fun” is too much of a throwback to BASEMENT, a sophomoric project from 25 years ago. While somewhat sophomoric, our new tagline is more apt. It’s a quote from major league slugger Oscar Gamble. Aside from the distinction of having been on the ’69 Cubs as well as the ’77 Southside Hitmen, Gamble was also a New York Yankee and his quote referred to the circus atmosphere in the Bronx clubhouse.

Thanks to Dan Epstein and his book “Big Hair And Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball And America In The Swinging ’70s” for the quote and the context.

The big egos, big money, and made for TV conflicts of the Bronx Zoo make a fine metaphor for contemporary politics and the crazy debates that lead us to the edge of fisticuffs, when, after all, we are all on the same team: humanity.

Like it or not, we share a common fate.

Underground Campus Paper Reforms for 25th Anniversary with Grown-Up Pretensions in Big City

The defunct BASEMENT WRITERS COOPERATIVE is reforming to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BASEMENT newspaper. Since members of the cooperative maintained anonymity, there is no way to know which of the notorious writer-editors are participating.

After a yearlong guerrilla broadsheet and punk rock benefit keg party campaign, BASEMENT first appeared in Carbondale, IL on April 1, 1989 as an 8 page newspaper tabloid. A second issue on May 1, 1989 announced the death of BASEMENT, though it appeared a year later as an insert section in the alternative SATYAGRAHA newspaper.

Up until 1994, BASEMENT randomly reappeared as an independent tabloid newspaper, but then suddenly disappeared on the eve of the expected arrival of issue #10. Former commissioner of the BWC, Adnon Kitkuda, has repeatedly claimed during the ensuing decade that there was a contractual obligation and a deathbed request for another issue and that publication is imminent, however, no evidence of a 10th issue in production has surfaced until a cryptic announcement on the Chicago Daily Fuse.