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Buzz Fugazi Twitter Bombs The Frack Out of Chickenhawk Clowns

Check out the twitter feed of Buzz Fugazi and grab some pithy talking points. Use them the next time you visit some wingnut Congresstool wanting to slash funding for public infrastructure and environmental regulations and cut taxes for the wealthy while piling on sales taxes, making your speeding ticket cost $2000, reducing the minimum wage, and exploding the debt for another unfunded pointless war that will not make us more safe.

When was the last time we reduced the size of the Federal Bureaucracy by getting into another war? The same every time we collapsed the economy by raising the minimum wage. It happens every year on the 5th of Never!

Editorial: This is gay. Wonderfully gay. I love this.

Surprise marriage proposal at Salt Lake City Home Depot – – Salt Lake City, Utah News.

Call me a sucker for love. Maybe I just like a big show. Maybe it’s what the world needs now. Maybe we can’t stop all the killing and suffering in the world, but let’s do our part to provide an alternative to that. Let’s try to build some more happiness in our lives and in our communities. Let’s mend our own lives and the world with random acts of kindness and a daily effort for better thought and action.

Maybe I’m part of what’s wrong in the world. I love to kick down a barn as much as any jackass. I can’t promise I’m going to stop using journalism as a hammer to pound on what I think is wrong, but I am going to try and be a bit more positive moving forward. To rejoice in the good a bit more and look for faults a bit less.

Here’s wishing everyone more love, understanding, forgiveness and friendship in the coming year.—Brodzky