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Spam Trolls Register Here, But Still Can’t Post

Wha’? Yep, the filter I put in for moderating the onslaught of fake designer handbag links prevented this site from regressing to a giant billboard for con-artists.

Every week I get at least a half-dozen fake registrations for this site. Guess what?
Their lousy rip-off efforts continue to be thwarted.

If you register and post, I still need to approve your comment. No fake designer handbags or fake Nikes or fake what-have-you accepted here. You’re welcome.

Buzz Fugazi Twitter Bombs The Frack Out of Chickenhawk Clowns

Check out the twitter feed of Buzz Fugazi and grab some pithy talking points. Use them the next time you visit some wingnut Congresstool wanting to slash funding for public infrastructure and environmental regulations and cut taxes for the wealthy while piling on sales taxes, making your speeding ticket cost $2000, reducing the minimum wage, and exploding the debt for another unfunded pointless war that will not make us more safe.

When was the last time we reduced the size of the Federal Bureaucracy by getting into another war? The same every time we collapsed the economy by raising the minimum wage. It happens every year on the 5th of Never!

Rauner in newly surfaced video: ‘adamantly, adamantly’ against raising the minimum wageVoices | Voices

In his introductory campaign ad, this man running for governor tells us he is not a politician. Sorry, Mr. Rauner… the moment you run for office, you are a politician. Perhaps you are a very inexperienced or untalented politician but you are in the game. Bruce Rauner, apparently, is learning hack political behavior on the fly. The GOP front-runner for the Illinois governor’s race, after virtually handing a potential general election showdown to the Democrats with his opposition to a minimum wage hike including the idea of rolling the $8.25 Illinois minimum back to the $7.25 Federal level. In the aftermath of that statement, we’ve heard the classic hack apology/denial combination with a flip-flop finishing move. Rauner says he supports a possible minimum wage increase—with strings attached to more subsidies or loopholes for business. Presumably, under Rauner’s plan, more fast food jobs and big box stores will be on the way to alleviate the suffering of some of us at the bottom. Thanks, dude.

Rauner in newly surfaced video: ‘adamantly, adamantly’ against raising the minimum wageVoices | Voices.