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The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama

I criticize the President because he is too centrist for my bad left-leaning self, because he has broken some promises, because like all centrist and right wing politicos the urgent crisis of world’s political and economic underclass is not a urgent priority and they are happy with incremental reforms, if they are happy with anything other than the invisible backhand of the economy dealing with that.

It is not because he is black and I am white, Frank. Who are you calling white? I am a Jew… I am an ethnic amalgamation. Racial purity is just another connotation of inbreeding. Most of us are mutts and should be proud of it. The others ought to add some branches in the family tree before the line gets any more sick or stupid. I voted for the President twice and I worked for his campaign in 2008. He is neither Messiah, nor Anti-Christ. I respect him, but he has made numerous errors and he should be called out on those rather than attacked with fabrications and racist bullshit. We need to honestly recognize the actual mistakes and learn from them.

The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama.

Rude Truth: confessions of a political junkie

This was the closest I’ve been since walking away to grabbing a duffel bag and dropping into some smug prick’s district and grinding away incessantly for a year or so until the motherfucker wakes up and realizes the freak just ate his job for breakfast. I almost worked myself to death doing shit like that, but the stunned looks on their faces are priceless. And I just stand there, a total hot mess and non-verbally signal them, yeah, bitch, I just made that happen. No drug tops that high… and the shit never wears off… I’m still geeking on it.

▶ John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of America – Cram The Plastic Down My Throat – YouTube

▶ John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of America – Cram The Plastic Down My Throat – YouTube.

One of my favorites from the early ’80s… totally fits my current level of hysteria, anger, disgust, and satire.

Madman? Prophet? Humorist? Whatever we can call John Trubee, the song/rant gets cut off right when he’s saying “The CIA attached monkey penises to mens bodies at the VA Hospital so you could buy plastic at the stores” but you should get the point by then.