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They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

We haven’t had much to offer our readers, truth, lies, or otherwise. The Fuse remains in sort of a beta phase. It was decided between Sapphire and I, based on our own intuition and some feedback from our limited readership, our original tagline, “Our Truth is More Useful, Our Lies are more fun” is too much of a throwback to BASEMENT, a sophomoric project from 25 years ago. While somewhat sophomoric, our new tagline is more apt. It’s a quote from major league slugger Oscar Gamble. Aside from the distinction of having been on the ’69 Cubs as well as the ’77 Southside Hitmen, Gamble was also a New York Yankee and his quote referred to the circus atmosphere in the Bronx clubhouse.

Thanks to Dan Epstein and his book “Big Hair And Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball And America In The Swinging ’70s” for the quote and the context.

The big egos, big money, and made for TV conflicts of the Bronx Zoo make a fine metaphor for contemporary politics and the crazy debates that lead us to the edge of fisticuffs, when, after all, we are all on the same team: humanity.

Like it or not, we share a common fate.

Former Defense Secretaries Criticize Obama on Syria –

Mr. Gates, the only cabinet member from the administration of George W. Bush whom Mr. Obama asked to stay, said missile strikes on Syria “would be throwing gasoline on a very complex fire in the Middle East.”

“Haven’t Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya taught us something about the unintended consequences of military action once it’s launched?” Mr. Gates said.

via Former Defense Secretaries Criticize Obama on Syria –

Today in YouTube: Michael Palin, how Monty Python’s Flying Circus got its name

Brodzky: Tribute to Jerry Bishop, Chicago’s original Svengoolie.

Medical Officer On DC Shooting: “Something Evil In Our Society That We Have To Eradicate” (VIDEO) | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

Medical Officer On DC Shooting: “Something Evil In Our Society That We Have To Eradicate” (VIDEO) | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers.

U.N. Reports Syria Uses Hospital Attacks as a ‘Weapon of War’ –

U.N. Reports Syria Uses Hospital Attacks as a ‘Weapon of War’ –

Editorial by Brodzky

So, what’s the plan? Liberate the Syrians and leave the end game to random fate (like the Afghan/Soviet scenario) or some sort of incompetent privatized scam (Iraq/Halliburton)? Some kind of Marshall plan, maybe?

Before 9/11, I had a strong belief in yanking the Taliban out of power.  What have I learned since then? Sure, we have the power to liberate a village by destroying it, but that can only win you so many hearts and minds.

On the other hand, I won’t object to a drone strike that takes Assad off the planet… maybe our Chicago President can orchestrate a leaner whack job than the big Texas extravaganza we had with the Saddam hit.

Putin might object.

Editorial: This is gay. Wonderfully gay. I love this.

Surprise marriage proposal at Salt Lake City Home Depot – – Salt Lake City, Utah News.

Call me a sucker for love. Maybe I just like a big show. Maybe it’s what the world needs now. Maybe we can’t stop all the killing and suffering in the world, but let’s do our part to provide an alternative to that. Let’s try to build some more happiness in our lives and in our communities. Let’s mend our own lives and the world with random acts of kindness and a daily effort for better thought and action.

Maybe I’m part of what’s wrong in the world. I love to kick down a barn as much as any jackass. I can’t promise I’m going to stop using journalism as a hammer to pound on what I think is wrong, but I am going to try and be a bit more positive moving forward. To rejoice in the good a bit more and look for faults a bit less.

Here’s wishing everyone more love, understanding, forgiveness and friendship in the coming year.—Brodzky