▶ Пряма трансляція Радіо Свобода — Грушевського – YouTube

LiveCam from the Barricades in Kyiv Ukraine

Pro-Kremlin Ukrainian President rejected and dumped 20 years of negotiations on an EU trade agreement in November in order to preserve ties with Russia….

reportedly “trade ties” he said…. but it’s all about Gazprom power…. the gas and oil company that makes Exxon look like a mom and pop operation because it’s run by the Kremlin and the KGB: the Russian chapter of Extraction Industry Fascists, Inc.

Then the Kremlin fronted him $15 billion in credits to keep his pro-Gazprom corrupt government in power.

This report submitted from a correspondent in the Anonymous movement.

▶ Пряма трансляція Радіо Свобода — Грушевського – YouTube.

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