Cubs Claim Righty Pitcher Brett Marshall, Lose Liam Hendriks To Orioles

Most comments attached to this link seem to be the usual—OMG the CUBS SUCK! vs KEEP HOPE ALIVE!—But nothing particular about why the Cubs lost the one scrub while grabbing the other. Did the Cubs designate Hendriks for assignment when they got Marshall?

I’m always curious when I see some marginal pitcher get away from the Cubs’ grasp, cuz it seems like our beloved team is stockpiling the hell out of those. Will spring training feature 500 four-A pitchers competing for a single spot in the bullpen or the few at the bottom of the rotation? Will the losers go to Japan or will it be the winners that go? They can’t all go to the minors, though it does seem the focus of Cubs Nation on A ball has expanded drastically in the last couple of years. Did we always have this many low A ball clubs, or did Theo go out and buy a few more?

Anyhoo, painful as it was, I was still glad that we lost less than 100 last year. Impatient as we all are to see top level competition from the Cubs, it will be like winning the pennant to see them finish anywhere in the general vicinity of .500 in 2014. This next comment will seem like a joke, but I’m serious… the Cubs have kind of sucked the last couple of years, but they don’t look like losers while doing it. I’ve seen so many bad teams playing out the string over the years, but these guys look like they take the field thinking they can and will win and put out the effort. Maybe I’m delusional. Maybe they are. Maybe all of us.


November 9, 2013



September 27, 2013


September 18, 2013


Almost a perfect game…



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