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Another ACA horror story fades away | MSNBC

The Speaker of the House gets his Twitter BS pwned like a common amateur wingnut troll… GOP, please… this is the opposition to the DEMS? This is your latest counter-attack to ACA? A false internet rumor? Wow… just wow.

Another ACA horror story fades away | MSNBC.

7 liberal overreactions to the government shutdown – The Week

7 liberal overreactions to the government shutdown – The Week.

Is it overreaction to be appalled by the Right To Life party celebrating the defunding of NIH… ha ha! Fuck you, cancer kids! Say goodbye to Meals on Wheels, you grubby freeloading seniors! Ha! I’ve got billionaires putting food on my table, bitches! And by appalled, I mean posting articles documenting the hypocrisy and the banality of an obstructionist minority.

If the Dems are shocked, simply shocked to see hypocrisy and banality, well, that might be hypocritical and banal, but that won’t stop them from beating the GOP like a drum in the midterms because of it. I guess in either case, it’s don’t hate the player, hate the game, right? Except, of course, that bi-racial moderate free-market Obama gets made out to be like he’s some kind Eldridge Cleaver or Kwame Nkrumah high on Stalin or Chairman Mao. How about a list of 5,000 neo-confederate cracker overreactions to the Obama Administration? Now where’s George Soros and where’s my liberal double-think money?