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Buzz Fugazi Twitter Bombs The Frack Out of Chickenhawk Clowns

Check out the twitter feed of Buzz Fugazi and grab some pithy talking points. Use them the next time you visit some wingnut Congresstool wanting to slash funding for public infrastructure and environmental regulations and cut taxes for the wealthy while piling on sales taxes, making your speeding ticket cost $2000, reducing the minimum wage, and exploding the debt for another unfunded pointless war that will not make us more safe.

When was the last time we reduced the size of the Federal Bureaucracy by getting into another war? The same every time we collapsed the economy by raising the minimum wage. It happens every year on the 5th of Never!

Rude Truth: confessions of a political junkie

This was the closest I’ve been since walking away to grabbing a duffel bag and dropping into some smug prick’s district and grinding away incessantly for a year or so until the motherfucker wakes up and realizes the freak just ate his job for breakfast. I almost worked myself to death doing shit like that, but the stunned looks on their faces are priceless. And I just stand there, a total hot mess and non-verbally signal them, yeah, bitch, I just made that happen. No drug tops that high… and the shit never wears off… I’m still geeking on it.

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish honored at J Street’s 2011 Conference

I just got punked the other day on Twitter—had posts removed from a thread that made me look like I had no answers to some questions—by This Is Palestine (a satire of Palestinian nationalism), and there was a hard dig against J Street on Facebook by Ron Mossad that I’d like to re-visit. Meanwhile, let me re-post, once again, this video from the 2011 J Street conference.

This is Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose daughters and niece were killed in his home during an Israeli military operation against Gaza in response to rocket attacks.

Despite the bitterness of his loss, Dr. Abuelaish has chosen to be an outspoken advocate for peace and coexistence.

I was at this event and I am still digesting the impact of his words.—Buzz Fugazi

The Problem With All These Half-Naked Pop Stars

It’s our party and we can do what we want. We can’t stopĀ  and you can read it in the Sunday papers…

The Problem With All These Half-Naked Pop Stars.

There is a counter-point I wanted to make to the Jezebel article, but now all I’m thinking is… glad to see Beetlejuice is working again. How much does one get paid to dry hump Miley these days?

MTV sucks ass. Thanks, Obama!

Fuse launches Live365 internet radio

Officially slated to go on the air at 12:01 am on Friday the 13th, September 2013, Chicago Daily Fuse Radio began test broadcasting in the early morning hours on Thursday.

“It’s basically CDFR’s first Buzz Fugazi Show… without Buzz,” said station DJ Buzz Fugazi.